Watch the Forum Online IEEE TV LIVE STREAMING

On the day of the event, remote attendees simply need to go to the website, and here will be a big banner on every page advertising the live-stream. Viewers can click that banner and will be brought to the page with the live streaming option.

The banner will show up on the site a few weeks in advance of the event with “Coming soon” messaging. When the event is actually live, the banner will switch to “On Air”.

The direct URL will be:

Once there, and when the broadcast is live, there will be an image of a video player and viewers just need to click “Play”. We recommend that your web browser is up to date, and you have a stable internet connection.

Users who want to test their system in advance can see if they can play the video embedded below in this page.
(Do not alter any of the settings on the page; mobile phone viewers will need to scroll down past the settings and tap the video window to activate the player, and then tap the mute icon to enable audio.)

Any technical support questions before or during the event can be addressed to

Contact for

Name: Brad Kloza


Phone: +1-732-562-5390

HURRY UP! Be ready with your questions


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